Advanced Mobility-Technology Expert Network


(1) To gather Korean experts in Europe in the field of advanced mobility, encompassing terrestrial, aerial, space, and other mobility sectors, and form a research network to facilitate exchange and collaboration.

(2) To host online seminars and offline workshops on technological trends, motivating the next generation of specialists.

(3) To establish a platform for interaction with various mobility industries, discovering talent tailored to the needs of the mobility sector.

(4) To create a network of mobility experts in Europe, providing a foundation for academic exchange between Korean and European mobility experts.


(1) The advanced mobility industry requires expert exchange across various fields, including terrestrial mobility, aerial mobility, space mobility, and digitalization for mobility, necessitating the gathering of relevant experts.

(2) The transition from traditional transportation to advanced mobility, encompassing ground transportation, urban air mobility (UAM), space exploration, and virtual mobility using VR and digital twin technologies, requires the exploration of new industries with international experts.

Expected Benefits:

(1) The expert network will offer a platform for European experts to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on various projects in advanced mobility.

(2) Community members will have the opportunity to share the latest research trends and technological advancements, thereby acquiring new knowledge and maintaining professional competitiveness. This will help network members position themselves as leaders in cutting-edge mobility areas.

(3) The network will collect and integrate the latest technological information related to advanced mobility across various academic fields and publish reports, assisting in the discovery of future growth engines for the domestic industry.

Organized by VeKNI

Funded by KOFST