Special session for Advanced Mobility Technology Expert Network

August 15, 2023

Science Congress Center Munich, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Chair, Dr. Min Son

Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

1. Hydrogen energy grid and future mobility applications in the UK

Dr. Changho Yang

2. A study on the weight reduction and energy utilization of air taxis for the future aviation industry

Seunghee Ko, M.E.

3. Smart city approaches and differences between Korea and Europe

Eunyoung Jang, M.A. Social Sciences 

Excursion to IAA 2023

September 05–10, 2023

Trade Fair Center Messe München

The IAA MOBILITY is the international meeting place for the mobility of the future. It shows what will move us tomorrow, from the smallest vehicles to automobiles and bicycles to new solutions for public transport. Always in focus: sustainability and the technologies that will shape mobile life in the future. As a progressive, cross-industry platform, the IAA MOBILITY connects all players in the mobility ecosystem with each other - and with new, attractive target groups. Under the motto "Experience Connected Mobility," the exhibitors at IAA MOBILITY 2023 will present the diversity of a mobility of the future that brings people even closer together - sustainably, digitally and intelligently connected.


Excursion to AIRTEC

September 10, 2023

Messe Augsburg, Germany

Airtec is dedicated to solving the tremendous future challenges of aviation: These are to achieve climate neutrality quickly and to reach a new quality of life, especially in cities, by using new airborne mobility. This requires rethinking and rebuilding supply chains from scratch and using the New Space Industry, which contributes the necessary infrastructure for AI and autonomous systems.

Airtec is a central, international meeting place for suppliers and OEMs to find each other precisely and to establish new business relationships.

AMExNet Symposium 2023

November 4, 2023

BEW, Essen, Germany

The upcoming symposium on advanced mobility technology promises to be a comprehensive and forward-looking exploration into the field. The program is set to begin with an in-depth session aimed at building a fundamental understanding of current mobility-related concepts, providing a solid base for further discussions. This will be followed by an insightful look into the future of mobility, where emerging trends and potential innovations will be highlighted. The event will also include a focused examination of hydrogen power in the context of mobility, exploring its entire lifecycle and environmental implications. The symposium is expected to conclude with a segment dedicated to the latest advancements in materials or technologies within the mobility sector. Overall, the event is designed to offer a broad overview of the current state and exciting future prospects in mobility technology, fostering rich discussions and knowledge exchange among the attendees.

Chair, Dr. Min Son

1. Building a Map of Mobility-Related Concepts

Dr. Jae-Sook Cheong

2. Future Mobility

Dr. Seonhi Ro

3. Journey of Hydrogen, Well-to-Wheel

Dr. Changho Yang

4. Impact of Global and Regional Changes on the Market of Battery Materials

Keon Woo Lee, PhD, eMBA